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Ningbo Hanks Heating Appliance Technology Co.Ltd . born in 2002, starts to produce wood stove for Chinese Market. The experiences, taken by the president in Europe, push up the quality of Company. In 2004, Grace Company, after checking the European market, also wants to produce pellet stove. So far, The company are specializing in producing wood pellet stoves. Our priority is offering best quality stove and service to our clients.

The system of the job for the Company in China is complete different to our competitors. First of all, we make all of the technical documents and hand book (part list, electronic diagram, test report). Secondly, the philosophy of our company is taking a customer with long term relationship. Our customers are not only customer, but also our friends. Thirdly, we are open-minded. Your treasure ideas will be always welcomed!
The Grace¡¯s pellet stove is tested each by each for 2 hours, completely guarantee quality 100%. Electronic components for pellet stove, which are the heart of pellet stove, are helped by partnership with a leader European company. Grace offer to customers a complete technical support. And also the parts to be replaced. The pellet stoves also are patented in China. OEM and Design are welcomed. All of the projects for our products use 3D for design by our enginers.
In order to meet different demands, we have two versions for the electronic control, both of which are easy to play. One with the basic functions, but very reliable, and the other offers many functions (time program for all of week, temperature setting, power setting as well as remote control). Your enquiry and visiting will be warmly welcomed!
At last but not least, Please help us to protect the environment.

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